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LIBRARY: A Temple of Knowledge (Go anywhere. Learn anything. Read every day.)

Library of K.S. School of Architecture was established in the year 2015 with the main objective of providing best services to the users with the help of resources available in the collection.

Our library occupies 273.1 sq. mts area. Good and peaceful environment attracts users to the library.

Libsoft - Library Management Software has enabled us to provide fully computerized services.

VISION : To build robust knowledge and information center for students, researchers, faculty and staff by providing seamless access to online and offline hybrid information.


    Library of KSSA shall :
  • Create state of art ambience for readers.
  • Procure, organize and circulate relevant books, periodicals, e-Resources and publications to reader community.
  • Provide guidance to the readers to explore and acquire reference material from in-house and remote archives both in printed and digital forms.

Library Timings
    Circulation :
  • Monday to Saturday
  • ▸ 8.50 AM to 3.45 PM
  • Books:
    • Titles - 823
    • Volumes - 1496
  • Journals & Magazines : 13
  • CD/DVD's : 19
  • Bound Volumes : 424
  • Newspapers : 02
  • Gifted Books : 112
  • Reference.
  • Circulation.
  • Reprographic.
  • Current Awareness Service.
  • Book Exhibition.
  • Internet.
  • Web OPAC.
  • Digital Library Service.
  • Virtual Library Service
  • Display of Publisher's Catalogue.


KSSA Library is a member of VTU Consortium. Full text and 24 X 7 access is being provided to all the e-Resources subscribed and are all IP enabled.

E-Resources subscribed through VTU consortia :


# E-Journals URL view link
1 Elsevier's Science Direct VIEW
2 Springer Nature VIEW
3 Taylor and Francis VIEW
4 Institution of Civil Engineeres (ICE) VIEW
5 Emerald VIEW
6 Knimbus VIEW
7 Net Analytiks Sententia VIEW


# E-Journals URL view link
1 Elsevier's Science Direct VIEW
2 Springer VIEW
3 Taylor and Francis VIEW
4 McGraw Hill Education VIEW
5 New Age International VIEW
6 Packt VIEW

Open Access E- Resources :

# E-Journals URL view link
1 DOAJ-Directory of Open Access Journals VIEW
2 Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) VIEW
3 Journal of Indian Institute of Science VIEW
4 Down to Earth VIEW
5 Online Newspaper Directory for the World VIEW
6 Bookboon VIEW
7 General Aptitude(Indiabix) VIEW

eResource - Permissions and Prohibitions

eResources is based on license agreements with publishers. They are licensed for the non-profit educational use of the institute. Copyright laws governs use of these eResources.


    Library users are permitted to use it for educational purpose only.


    - Systematic downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions.
    - Using it for commercial purposes.
    - Downloading entire journal issue or an entire ebook.

Instructions, Rules and Regulations

Students / Faculties/Staff Members are informed to follow the Rules & Regulations followed in the KSSA Library


    • This is your library, use it with pride and preserve it for future use by yourself and other users.
    • Displacing chairs and tables would be inconvenient to you and others, hence let them be in their position.
    • You can enjoy reading in peace with silence everywhere.
    • You can have eatables in the canteen, but cherish reading in the library.
    • Mobile phones for chatting are good in the corridors but are disturbing in the library.
    • You can install / uninstall the programs only in your own laptop but leave them undisturbed in the desktops in Library.
    • Handle library material with care and help in preservation for good reuse.
    • Dispose the paper waste in the bin and maintain cleanliness in the lounge.

    • Library Membership is compulsory to all students, Faculties & Staff Members.
    • 3 Books at a time will be issued for the Period of 15 Days; this may be recalled by library in case the Book is in demand.
    • Faculty and Staff can Borrow 5 Books for the Period of One Semester.
    • Issue / Return / Renewal of library books should be done only in Library. Inform the person Incharge of the circulation counter if there is any discrepancy
    • Books can be renewed, unless there is no claim by others.
    • Loss of borrowed book should be reported to the circulation staff immediately.
    • Overdue charges, Rs.3/- (Rs.6/- after 7 days) per day will be charged, if the book is returned after the due date.
    • ID CARD IS MANDATORY for the Transactions in the Library.
    • Reference books & current issues of magazines will not be issued.
    • The Borrower shall have to pay Three times the cost of the book if it is lost.
    • Journals and Magazines are not issued.
    • Exchange of Books and Cards are not permitted.
    • Exceptions are not accepted in case of absence or medical reasons.
    • Marking with pen, pencil or highlighter in Books is forbidden.
    • Damaging library books/furniture is strictly forbidden. If a book is found mutilated, new book should be replaced or three times the cost of the book should be paid.
    • Please keep all your personal belonging in the Property Counter. Library is not responsible for the valuable items kept at the Property Counter.
    • Timings of the KSSA Library :- 8:40 AM to 3:50 PM (from Monday to Saturday)(On all the working days of the institute)
    • Users should register their names in the gate register kept at the entrance of the library.
    • Members are not allowed to bring their personnel Books, Journals and any other Electronic Equipment's inside the library.
    • Please do not misplace / hide the documents and maintain the arrangements in order without any disturbance.
    • Borrowed/Renewed books should be shown to the library staff at the check point.
    • Use of mobile/head phones is banned in the library and ensure that SILENCE is maintained in the library.
    • Any student/staff can recommend books to our library by filling book recommendation forms available in the library.
    • Replace the chair in position when you leave your seats to maintain the decorum of library.
    • Look at the library notice board regularly for all library related information.